Handmade paintings for your home

Choosing the right paintings for your interior might be the most difficult task in the world. If you have never decorated your house with handmade paintings, you will never understand this. Surprisingly, well-chosen wall art in your home can totally change the mood of the entire space. The right painting choice can be extremely significant to the final success of your home décor. If you are a beginning art-lover, bear in mind that handmade paintings are always one of the trends. Here are some handy tips you can use while choosing a piece of handmade wall art.

Hand painted art

Hand painted art is always unique. This is why for many collectors it’s a natural choice. Hand painted pictures include the following painting techniques:

  • Oil painting – only created by professionals as the technique is relatively difficult for beginners. It suits almost all kinds of styles although it requires a smooth texture of the paint.
  • Watercolor painting – usually done on paper. Water-based solutions are used to mix the colors. The mixing of color is crucial – even a small mistake can change the shade of colors.
  • Pastel painting – can be done on canvas so you can achieve beautiful layering of colors. The technique requires pastel sticks.
  • Acrylic painting – the fastest-drying technique. Acrylic paints are water-soluble – once the painting is complete, it turns water-resistant. This technique is often used by hobbyists.
  • Digital painting – this technique is creating artwork on a computer. It resembles a watercolor painting, sometimes oil painting, rarely acrylic painting.
  • Texture painting – mostly used with oil paints. It features the brush strokes on a painting every art-enthusiasts loves because of its dramatic final effect.
  • Spray painting – usually created using a spray bottle – it might be street art or graffiti but also canvas, metal or wood.
  • Gouache – gouache is an opaque watercolor medium used with other binding agents. It cannot be applied onto a canvas as it doesn’t bind well.


handmade paintings of woman with glassess

The abovementioned techniques are the most common when it comes to hand painted pictures. If you are interested in purchasing some unique hand painted art, make sure you get familiar with my shop where you’ll find high-quality canvases and posters. The most popular are now hand painted paintings on canvas. There is a high demand for handmade cityscape paintings that explain city scenes and its features such as buildings and streets.

The story hidden in a piece of handmade art is something that may add some unique character and modern look to your interior. If you’d rather go with something calmer, you could get familiarized with handmade landscape paintings – one of the trendiest categories of hand painted pictures. There are also handmade abstract paintings to choose from.


hand painted abstract painting


Hand painted paintings for sale

The main goal of creating handmade paintings is to make beauty available to everyone. A handpicked selection of unique paintings is your stylish guarantee for your interior. You don’t have to turn to expensive galleries to find some jaw-dropping art. Many local dealers offer handmade paintings for sale at reasonable prices. Even with a small budget, you can buy handmade art for your bedroom or blank walls.

Hand painted paintings add character to a room – it is like the finishing touch to your space. The colors, texture and personality make a room a complete picture. No matter if you select classic, contemporary or fusion look, hand painted paintings for sale are definitely worth checking out. If your handmade wall art hangs in your living room, it might be a great conversation starter. A conversation about art is an amazing way to verify compatibility, isn’t it? For some people, a handmade painting in your room may be a kind of window into your personality.


Handmade paintings of nature woman

Handmade paintings for home

Choosing hand paintings for home might be a bit of a daunting task. First, you should set the tone – is your interior casual or formal? When it comes to art, light and bright colors usually give off a casual feel, whereas darker colors will create a formal tone. Then, you should choose the style of wall art – do not buy hand paintings for home as an instant impulse. View it a few times so that you can decide if the style fits your personality. If so, it’s time to select the right frame. The golden rule says that white and black frames never go out of style. Silver and gold are stylish, yet more extravagant. If you want to go with timber, make sure it matches the color of your floors.

The last step is the size of wall art. Just like an outfit – too loose or too tight can make you look unflattering, hand paintings for home which are not the right size can take away from the beauty of the interior. You should adjust it to the size of the room. If the room is small, one big wall painting will make it feel bigger. However, many small pieces of art in a small room will make the space feel cluttered. The right wall art should add value to the room, instead of appearing to be just a liability ticked in a corner. Make sure that there is the right amount of light!


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