Paintings for home – how to select them?

Choosing the right artwork for home can be difficult, especially if you take care of details. All elements that are located at home should harmonize with each other. It concerns not only furniture, carpets and other moveable items but also mirrors, paintings and wall decorations. Fortunately there are some easy-to-follow tips that you can introduce in order to choose a painting that corresponds with your home interior. Learn how to choose the best paintings for home!

Paintings for salon

A living room is usually one of the most frequently used parts of each home. This is a place where you usually spend afternoons, watching TV, eating dinner and reading books. It is also the space in which you spend time with your friends and other visitors. To find the best paintings for a salon, simply select some wall arts that you like and that make you feel positive. Ask other family members what they think about it and if they are not in favour of it, try to find some compromises. Remember that a chosen piece of wall art should not only suit your style, but also be pleasant for all people who live with you.


paintings for home

Painting size

If you want to buy new paintings for a salon, think for a minute of a place where they will be hung. If the entire wall is empty, you can go for some oversize or large paintings for home. Another option is also to choose several corresponding paintings that create together one big wall art. If you want to put your new painting for a salon close to some other elements, e.g. a TV, a mirror or shelves, think about some smaller pieces of art. If you have recently moved to a new flat, try to prefigure where will other elements such as plants, figures, vases, etc. be placed. Remember that they also take place and some bigger paintings can limit the available space. Therefore, by choosing smaller paintings you have more options to arrange the interior.

Painting colour and style

One of the most important factors that you should take into consideration while choosing paintings for home is colouring. If your walls are white and furniture are in some universal colours, then you have many options to choose from. However, if your walls have some bright and bold colours, the wall art should harmonize with it. The same concerns the style of your new paintings. Some modern spaces offer more possibilities than, for example, some rustic style interiors.

Paintings for bedroom

Bedroom is a place where we relax and spend our free time. It is also a room in which we calm down and relax after work. That is why it should be well-planned and full of elements fostering relaxation. One of such items can be wall art. It is very difficult to say what your new paintings for a bedroom should exactly look like. It depends on your preferences. However, one thing is sure: you should avoid bright colours that can negatively affect your mood and make relaxation harder than it has to be. If you want to feel good in your bedroom, opt for paintings in natural colours that will always give you comfort.


paintings for home

Paintings for home office

The role of home offices has grown significantly over the recent years. Each month more and more workers are deciding to work online and therefore a decent office at home is a must today. Depending on your needs and the size of your home, an office can be a separate room, or it can be arranged in your bedroom or living room. Although a desk, a chair and a laptop are usually everything you need to work, it is good to think about some additional elements that can increase your comfort and efficiency. This can be obtained with some paintings for a home office. Colourful patterns can bright up the interior and give you a power to work.

Where to buy paintings for home?

There are many places in which you can buy paintings for different rooms. You will find them in popular shops with home décor, as well as in art galleries. Unfortunately paintings that are available in shops are usually poor quality, and they have to be replaced soon after buying. Their colours can change or their structure can simply deteriorate with time. What is more, they are not unique. If a painting for home that you chose is popular, you can find it not only in your home, but also in some other places, e.g., your friends’ home or a random office you visit. Buying art in art galleries or straight from painters is a guarantee of a uniqueness. Each painting for home is one-of-a-kind, and you can be sure that no one apart you have it.


paintings for home

Inexpensive home art

If you move to a new flat or build a house, you need to carefully think of artwork for all rooms. Unfortunately purchasing paintings for salon, kitchen, bedroom and home office can be costly, especially if you have furniture to buy. There is however one simple trick that you can use to reduce the cost of decorations. To do so, you can go for prints that imitate real paintings. They are cheap, look good and can be easily replaced with time. You can put them in a frame of your choice so that they match the style of your interior design.

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