Where can I buy inexpensive wall art

Where can I buy inexpensive wall art?

Even once your home is fully furnished, finding wall art you love at a price you can afford can often be an extremely hard decorating challenge. One might say, there are plenty of places to buy inexpensive wall art, however, knowing where to look is crucial. If your biggest question now is ‘Where can I buy inexpensive wall art?’, I am now arming you with this handy list of sources for well-priced art. I hope it will help you find a wall a painting you love without draining your wallet.

Where can I buy inexpensive wall art?

The first step of looking for stunning, yet affordable art is identifying what kind of art you gravitate towards. Is it modern art that turns you on? Maybe you’d rather go with seaside watercolors or the Dutch Masters? Once you know, you can narrow your search. What is more, most popular sites offer a very wide selection with useful filters to narrow down the options, e.g., you can ser a certain price range or even a color palette. Check below, where you can buy wall art for cheap.


Loved by cheap art-lovers, Minted offers you a variety of independent artists. Prices range from over $20 to $650. The site enables you to narrow down your preferences by style, color and medium. Modern photography or abstract watercolors? Check various landing pages with artists’ bios and links to all of their work and choose something that you’ll fall in love with.

Saatchi Art

A giant digital art gallery where you can explore by price point. From expensive paintings to affordable drawings, Saatchi boasts a very impressive collection of art. The prices start from cheap prints under $50.

Where can I buy art from local artists?

Looking for some pieces of local art? Cool! Supporting your local artists can be really beneficial. First of all, it’s good for the local economy but to be honest, the greatest thing is that it’s an enjoyable way to invest. Who doesn’t enjoy being surrounded by beautiful and meaningful things that bring them pleasure? And buying local art might be a real value-added asset that can increase in value over time. It also has cultural significance – artists often reflect and are influenced by the local culture and colors of the region. In consequence, artworks produced by local artists can have a really deep significance and meaning to you as a local resident.

If you wonder where you can buy art from local artists, start online – browsing the Internet is a great way to start. A lot of websites have filters that let you narrow down artists based on their location. You can also search via social media like Instagram or Facebook. If you are tired of browsing the Internet, take part in a gallery tour in your city. Such tours can encompass many galleries in a single day, leading you through the best local art. On top of that, some cities host so-called art fairs including local art. Such art fairs are a unique opportunity to discover hundreds of local artists in just one hall.

Where can I buy big wall art?

Nothing makes your home feel more like your own home than decorating it in a way that suits your personality. This is why wall art is of the utmost importance while choosing the icing on the cake of your home design. Most of us don’t like boring white walls as they don’t give the space a homey vibe. However, where to buy big wall art? If you are looking for affordable oversized prints, you can check Juniper Print Shop filled with oversized modern art you can actually afford. You can either order a physical print that will get mailed to your door or you can choose a cheaper digital download version. You can also do some scrolling on Etsy, an excellent source for original art, or iCanvas that offers art prints in a variety of huge art sizes that can make a big statement on your wall.

Where can I buy nice art?

So, if you have got a little extra cash in the bank, it’s time to start your first art collection. First, figure out what your taste it. Think about what you like what you like. The best way to do that is to see a lot of art, e.g., online. The Internet can be a great resource for figuring out what kind of art suits you best. It’s the best place to research prices, too. You can also visit museums and galleries and maybe even talk to artists and dealers to familiarize yourself with various styles and periods. The next step is setting a budget (be prepared to go over it though). Sometimes if you fall in love with a piece of art, it’s more than okay to splurge. Keep in mind that sometimes there are some hidden costs to consider – insurance or shipping or framing. If you are a total newbie when it comes to art, it’s extremely difficult to establish comparable value in art so it’s always a good idea to ask the opinion of an experienced art collector to make sure you don’t overplay. So, are you ready to buy your first nice art? Browse my shop to find something you’ll love.


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