Into the heart and soul – art prints

At the root of human civilization lies imagination, art and painting. Since the dawn of time people have created works of art using techniques available in their time. We started with cave paintings in prehistory, wall paintings and Roman frescoes in antiquity. Gradually we moved on to works of art painted on canvases. So it’s no wonder that to this day we still feel pleasure and satisfaction when surrounded by beautiful paintings – we have it ingrained deep within our human being.

Therefore, it is no wonder that when we design the décor of our home or office space, we care about the décor and want to surround ourselves not only with functional objects but also bring an element of art into that space. However, works of outstanding painters and artists are often associated with high costs. Therefore, to meet the needs of a larger group of recipients a substitute has been created in the form of art prints.

What are art prints?

Nowadays we can find many artists who create fine art prints. But what are they and how do we understand this concept? Simply put, fine art prints are original works of art, while art prints are printed reproductions of works of art – some of the most famous, some of the less popular but still worthy of admiration. They are created using various techniques and materials depending on your needs. However, all of them are characterized by extremely high quality and meet the requirements of even the most sophisticated taste.

An apartment is a reflection of your soul – wall prints art

The most popular way of displaying works of art is still wall paintings. We often decorate our walls with posters or framed pictures – painted on canvas or suitable paper. They add style to the interior and reflect the aesthetic tastes of the inhabitants. Wall prints art can also be found in many office spaces, especially those open to clients. Thanks to art an interior becomes more elegant and cozy. Paintings on walls have a deep impact on our psyche and soften our mood.

In search of the perfect art – online prints

Nowadays access to art is easier than ever. The internet allows us to choose from not only fine art prints but also allows us to find and purchase art prints that best fit our personality and tastes. The easiest way to purchase artwork is to order a design to print yourself. Online prints can be printed on museum paper or canvas and can be framed in a wooden frame easy to hang on the wall.

For those who want more – great big canvas

The most valued form of paintings, which are appreciated by experts, are undoubtedly paintings on canvas. They are characterized by the look similar to the works of the greatest painters. The canvas gives the painting a unique aesthetics and texture. If you have a large enough space to develop, it is worth directing your search in the direction of a great big canvas. They are eye-catching and their quality will satisfy even the most demanding viewers. It is worth paying attention to the quality of the canvas, as every imperfection is visible on large works of art. However, canvas paintings are worth the effort because of the unforgettable impression they make.

The finest works of art in your home – canvas prints

Staying on the topic of artwork on canvas, it is worth paying attention to canvas prints. They are a great way to bring a unique aesthetic to any interior – be it a home, hotel or office. It involves printing your chosen artwork on canvas using advanced printing techniques, ensuring that the quality of the artwork remains outstanding. Canvas prints are stretched over a wooden frame giving it the look of a painting. You can get any graphic or reproduction of your choice this way.

Canvas prints or art posters?

When looking for wall art prints you will probably be faced with a choice of technique for the artwork of your choice. Nowadays there are fine art prints, which are reproductions of famous works of art, as well as canvas prints and art posters. The first two forms are digitally printed on canvas, which gives you the quality of a real painting. A slightly less expensive form will certainly be the art poster. This is artwork made on paper – but not regular printing paper. If you are wondering: “Art poster, buy or not?” – it is worth considering the quality of the paper used for printing. It is best to use museum quality paper for this type of artwork. The result has a matte texture and is ideal for placing in a glass frame.

The World in a Picture – framed prints

Regardless of the style and technique of the artwork you want to buy, pay attention to the right way of displaying it. Works of art on canvas usually already have a wooden frame, which is easy to hang on the wall, but it is not visible. The lack of a decorative frame gives the interior a modern, minimalist look, which is currently a fashionable way of displaying works of art. Poster, on the other hand, also can be framed art prints – you can place them in a simple frame, which will emphasize the aesthetics of the image, especially if it is a reproduction of a famous work.

However, the most important is always the work of art itself – it is on it that our attention is focused. It is the image that carries the emotional message and reflects not only the personality of the owner, but also emphasizes the character of the interior.


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