paintings for hotel

Paintings for hotel

If you are a hotel owner or manager, you probably do your best to provide your guest with the most comfortable accommodation possible. To make them feel like at home, you need to give them not only furniture and a bathroom in the room, but also some additional elements that will make them spend time in a cosy way. The best example are paintings, which should be located in rooms, restaurants and other common spaces found in your hotel. What is the best way to find noteworthy hotel wall paintings? What should paintings for hotel rooms look like?


Hotel art is important

Not until a few years ago many hotels located in different parts of the world used to have the same hotel wall paintings. It was particularly visible in big, worldwide chains of hotels. If you booked your stay in two hotels run by the same company, but located in two different cities or countries, you could have encountered the same painting in both places. Nowadays the situation is slightly different and many hotels try to be original. Their owners know that guests are always excited while visiting a new hotel. However, spending time in a room that they know from another location can discourage them from choosing the chain in the future.


Paintings for hotel – building brand awareness?

If you want your hotel to be popular with customers, you need to make something so that it brings positive memories. In some more luxurious hotels, it is usually easy. A comfortable pool, an aqua park or a great terrace can be a remarkable feature that will be long remembered. The situation is a little more difficult if your hotel is rather normal. In such a case you need to be more flexible towards guests and try to anticipate their expectations. One of the elements that can help you build your brand awareness are hotel wall paintings.


paintings for hotels


Choosing paintings for hotel

While choosing paintings for a hotel, it is good to be consistent. The best way to do so is to select paintings for a hotel room that will correspond to other pieces of art that can be found in the building. This way guests will be able to memorize the style of the place easier. If the paintings are interesting for them, they will probably remember them for a long time. They will also associate the memories of their stay with a positive image of paintings. Hotel art can really affect the emotions of guests even if they are unaware of it.


Paintings for hotel rooms

Before choosing paintings for hotel rooms, you need to know what to look for. Imagine what image of your company you want to obtain and try to find something memorable which corresponds to it. Avoid classic themes such as still nature or landscapes and go for something unique. You can choose some abstract art or opt for unconventional portraits. A hotel room is a place where people tend to relax and wind down. That is why you should choose colours and patterns that are eye-pleasing. Some bright yellow and red abstract paintings are not the best option!


Paintings for hotel lobbies

You can be a bit more creative while choosing paintings for a hotel lobby. Remember that hotel wall paintings should correspond to those seen in rooms. However, they can be more frivolous, e.g. you can opt for brighter colours, irregular patterns or bigger sizes. Take into consideration that a hotel wall painting in a lobby is usually one of the first things a new hotel guests sees while entering the building. If it makes positive associations from the beginning, there is a bigger chance that the overall review of the hotel will be better.


paintings for hotels


Where to buy hotel paintings?

Once you know what type of paintings for a hotel you would like to have, you need to find a place to buy them. Avoid popular furniture and home décor shops, as well as supermarkets. Of course, prices of paintings that are available there are affordable, but these are not real paintings. Besides, their quality leaves much to be desired. Hotel guests can perceive them as cheap, so that their opinion about the place gets worse. The best way to find quality paintings for a hotel is to surf the web.


Buying hotel art online

There are many places in which paintings for a hotel can be bought. If you want the interiors to look unique, avoid popular sites with wall art. Try to find artists that will be able to provide you with customized pieces of hotel art. This way your paintings won’t be found anywhere else. Thanks to this, they can become a significant part of your company brand identification.


Budget solutions

If your budget for hotel art is rather small, you can provide your guests with high-quality posters. This is a much better solution than buying cheap fake paintings that are in fact poor-quality prints. A choice of posters online is really huge, and you will surely be able to find something unique. Many artists who paint also sell posters made of museum-quality paper with matte finish. While putting such a poster in a frame, it can serve your guest for a long time.


Remember! Choosing paintings for a hotel is always a great challenge. The hotel art should not only be eye-pleasing. It also should be memorable as it is one of the most important elements of brand identification.

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