Paintings of flowers – nature in the interior

Nature constantly fills our hearts with wonder and is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for artists. Among all the works of nature, however, the most perfect are flowers, which delight with a wealth of colors and shapes. No wonder artists pay so much attention to flowers and floral motifs are so common in the art. If you too wish to enjoy the beauty of nature in your home regardless of the season, paintings of flowers are worth considering.

Flower motifs in art

Still-life has reigned supreme in painting for years, and artists still find plenty of inspiration in flowers. The most famous painter who devoted a large part of his work to flowers was Claude Monet. He created entire series of paintings with the theme of water lilies. Vincent van Gogh’s sunflowers are also widely known and admired in the culture. Contemporary painters also often turn to this inexhaustible motif and create stunning paintings of flowers. Modern painter Joe Horner, for example, has presented an ethereal and dreamy approach to this motif.

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acrylic abstract paintings of woman

What techniques do artists use to paint flowers?

Flowers are such a graceful and popular subject that they appear in art in a variety of forms. They can be depicted as still life in a very realistic representation that captures even the smallest details of each leaf. On the other hand, abstract paintings of flowers are also popular, which lovers of less realistic art will love. Flower motifs, however, are not limited to paintings – other fields of art, such as sculpture, photography and even clothing design, are worth noticing. Flowers in a specific and original form are also often present in folk motifs.

Simplicity or depth? Interpretation of flower art paintings

We cannot forget about the elements that accompany flowers and are their inseparable part complementing the whole composition. Leaves, stems and even thorns play such a role. Stems or vines entwining the elements depicted in the image add romance and mystery to the whole. Leaves usually fill the image with freshness and gentleness, but fallen or yellowed leaves can symbolize transience. Thorns, on the other hand, can indicate betrayal or hidden danger lurking in the shadows. The interpretation of paintings of flowers also does not always have to be boiled down to a simple still life. Much about the meaning of the painting can be said by the species of flowers chosen by the painter – for different flowers are attributed different meanings.

No less important will be the details of the second and third planes, and even the type and direction of the falling light. Are the flowers evenly lit or just a single beam of light? Are they placed in a vase or scattered on a table? Or perhaps the painting depicts a meadow in bloom? The answers to these questions can yield interesting conclusions and interpretations. Therefore, seeing even a seemingly simple painting of flowers on canvas, it is worth considering its deeper meaning and trying to understand the emotional message that the artist was trying to reflect.

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What are the best paintings of flowers to buy?

Paintings of flowers in acrylic are very common. This method produces both an actual still life painting and an abstract representation of flowers. Acrylic painting works exceptionally well with flowers, which gain a unique texture and sheen through this method. Painting with acrylic can also give a particularly interesting effect, thanks to the possibility of using canvas in a color other than white or cream – navy blue or even black canvases can be successfully used. This makes the painting of flowers acquires an unusual depth, attracts attention and intrigues.

What kinds of flowers appear in paintings?

Artists love all flowers and there is no single dominant species that appears in most paintings. It is equally common to find both popular types of flowers such as roses, hyacinths, sunflowers, or lilies, as well as the usual field flowers. They appear in flower paintings both singly and in bouquets or still life compositions. Sometimes artists capture flowers in their natural environment – on a meadow, in a garden or on the surface of the water. Then they become a part of a larger whole in the form of a landscape. An interesting way to incorporate the flower motif into the picture are also single elements. Seemingly insignificant and added as if by accident, but in the artist’s intention they may play an important interpretative role. We are talking about such subtle additions as flowers in hair, garlands or even floral fabric of clothes.

Why is it worth buying flower paintings?

Flower motifs in the art are a very popular theme, so you can find a wide variety of paintings of flowers on canvas. These paintings are usually characterized by lightness, freedom and cheerful colors. They fit into most rooms and bring a breath of spring into any interior. Thanks to the popularity of floral motifs you will surely find such a painting, the climate and colors of which will perfectly fit into your home or office. The universality and relatively large choice on the market also make paintings of flowers not expensive and you can buy beautiful works of art for not much money.


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