Woman face paintings – unique home décor

Art is something that makes our interiors look unique. It is also a way to express our feelings and emotions, as well as create the atmosphere in which we feel cosy. When looking for some extraordinary home decoration ideas it is worth to mention woman face paintings. It is an interesting option for all art lovers who are willing to go for bold home décor that is both conspicuous and corresponds to various styles.

Where to place woman face paintings?

The internet is full of different wall art depicting women in different situations. However, a special attention should be placed to woman face paintings. These pieces of art are great for all kinds of interiors. Depending on the place where you hang them, you can obtain different effect. A painting of a woman and flowers goes well with each bedroom style. Floral motives are relaxing, bring you closer to the nature and therefore they calm you down. When looking for some women face paintings for your living room you can choose, e.g., a painting of a woman in gold. This elegant option gives your home interior a touch of luxury.


woman face paintings


Painting of a woman – choosing the right style

If you are willing to buy a woman face painting, there are two main factors that you need to take into consideration. The first one of them is the style of the painting. If you are a fan of modern home interiors, an abstract art can be a great solution. Such paintings usually bright up the interior. Used as a central home decoration, they can easily give a unique look to your living room. If you prefer some more traditional home decorations, you can choose paintings that reflect real people. Selecting a woman face painting in dark colours can also be a good option.

Does the size of the painting matter?

Secondly, you need to take into consideration is the size of your new painting. If you are looking for some additional decoration that will fit into your living room or bedroom, small artwork can be the best choice. A miniature picture of a woman in a hat placed between windows or in any other small space can be intriguing and will easily blend in. Big paintings of women are on the other side much more thought-provoking and can give your home a new style. Among them the more and more popular are oversized paintings that dominate the space.


woman face paintings


Trends in woman face paintings

The popularity of woman face paintings remains undisputed. If you are an amateur of classic designs with a touch of modernity, look for paintings that present women in innovatory, abstract ways. There is no doubt that they are a universal option that will be trendy for many years. Many rich and famous people have such wall art at their own villas and mansions. The best example is a painting of a woman in gold that was made by Gustav Klimt. This painting was sold for $135 million to the businessman and art collector. Such a huge amount of money spent on one painting only proves that women face paintings are valued by people who are interested in the art.

Where to buy paintings of women?

Paintings of women can be found in many art galleries. In reality, it is one of the most popular motives that we can encounter in paintings. They appear in different styles and sizes. If you are not sure what you are looking for, the best way to find it out would be to surf the web. You can find thousands of different women paintings online, e.g., some paintings of women in hat or paintings of women and flowers. They can be made in different techniques and available in various forms. You can buy them with or without frames. The biggest advantage of buying art online is that it will be sent to your home. This way to don’t need to worry about safe art transportation.


woman face paintings


Custom-made women face paintings

If you have already searched for your dream painting and didn’t manage to find it, there is one interesting solution that you can choose. Many artists are willing to paint custom-made wall art. This way you can get a woman face painting that will satisfy all your needs and will perfectly match the interior design. Surprisingly, the cost of such a service is affordable, and you can be sure that your piece of art is unique. Dreaming of a one-of-a-kind painting of a woman in a hat? Just contact the painter, order it and receive a custom-made piece of art!

Some cheaper alternatives

If you are struggling to find a cheap woman face painting for your home, there is an outstanding alternative that will give you a plenty of satisfaction at a low cost. These are posters imitating real paintings on canvas. You can place them in the frame so that they look like real paintings. With time, you can replace them with the actual paintings. Posters are usually made of museum-quality matte paper which offers qualities similar to a real canvas. It is lightweight, durable and can brighten up any room for many years. What is more, it is easier in transportation and less prone to damage.

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